Other Resources on Speechwriting        

        First, as far as finding other resources on this kind of stuff, you might actually try some of the ads on these pages!  There are some sites out there with some good tips and examples that are accessible before they try to sell you a "professionally written speech."  Give it a shot - you never know what good stuff you might find!

     Second, you can always E-mail Me - Ask me a question, I might have an answer.  I was dispensing advice on this stuff long before I made this guide!  Just gimme two or three days to reply.

  • Writers Write - resources for writing of any kind.  Your best bet for all-purpose writing help.


  • VideoJug - Quite a few video tips on public speaking - it can help to see how, not just read about it!


  • Pitch Professor - Professional speechwriting and presentation design.  If you want to pay someone to do it, ask them - not me!



  • SpeechWriting.com - the more commercial resource.  Heartless?  Maybe, but it's still good advice.  Judge for yourself!


  • Speeches.com - A well-assembled collection of existing speeches, but their writing advice evades the art of speechwriting.  "Automatic speech writer"?  "Speech in an instant"???  Gimme a break!





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