Dave's Guide to PowerPoint               


        Any guide to speechwriting would be remiss without a section on this near-ubiquitous presentation tool.  As with any tool, it can be used well, but is often misused - and with PowerPoint, the power to ruin a good speech is all too real!  The following sections should help you make the best of it:

  • When & Why - There are times and ways to use PowerPoint, and there are times and ways NOT to use it!  Learn when and why.


  • Style - Before actually making the slides, think about what they'll look like!  A good-looking presentation can help your cause as much as a janky one can hurt it.


  • Content - Learn how to most effectively communicate your concepts onscreen, and strike a balance between your spoken and onscreen material.


  • Presenting - PowerPoint also brings up unique challenges in delivery - the screen can be a formidable competitor for the audience's attention!  Learn how to NOT trip over the mouse.