It's a fact of life - most of us will, at some point, have to speak at the funeral of a loved one.  This is perhaps the most difficult kind of speech to write, to give, or even to think about - it comes at a time fraught with emotional pain, and on very short notice.  But it can be done!  Here are some things that might help:


  • Reminisce - Start by talking with some other people who knew the person in the same way you did.  Talk about what you remember, what you'll miss, and good stories that showed the nature of the person.  This might be tough, but they'll be good tears!  


  • What would you say? - A eulogy should close well.  Perhaps the best way to end is to with what you might say to the person if you could say one last thing.  It'll be sweet.  And memorable.  Trust me, it just will. 


  • Humor - A funeral is, believe it or not, a place where people can use humor most.  Tell funny stories about the person, make everyone give a good chuckle through the tears.  But make sure it's the right kind of humor - I call it "sweet humor."  Stay far away from sarcasm, groaners, or any other kinds of "funny."  Sweet humor will help everyone.


      I've only spoken at one funeral, but I hope that this example can help some of you out there who need it:  Speech at My Grandmother's Funeral.