Sample Competition Speeches           

          A quick word about these sample speeches - a couple of these pieces were stolen by one of those websites that "sells" term papers, and used in various ways - even printed word-for-word as an op-ed piece in a college newspaper!  That's not cool.  Use these as examples, for inspiration, to get a feel for how to write your own speech!  Use them (with our permission, which we're happy to give) in Oratorical Interpretation competition - because in that case, you're supposed to use someone else's speeches!  Just don't claim these as your own.  We worked long and hard to write these, and we love them!


  • CyberLife - My junior-year speech for the Original Oratory event in National Forensics League competition; it was a national qualifier and the Ohio High School Speech League state champion speech.  Humorous, a bit theatrical, full of quotes & references, and ten minutes long.  However, it reads strangely; just imagine a very hammy performance!
  • Rally 'Round Raleigh - Same type of speech as above, but on a different subject; this is the one I wrote and performed my senior year.  Also a national qualifier and Ohio state champ!  This one reads a little better, and the message is more intact.  Enjoy!
  • Breakout Outbreak -Same type of speech again, this one written by good friend and fierce competitor Katharine Jackson.
  • Bring on the Cheesecake! - Another competition piece by Ms. Jackson...