Best Man Speech for Ernie's Wedding           

Dave Gustafson, 2002

First, I’d like to join everyone in thanking the people who’ve made this possible – Ernie and Eva, of course, and both Tedeschi’s and the St Clairs –it’s been a fabulous time, a really special event, and we can’t thank you enough for everything. 

         Most of you probably know that a large group of us here went to college together. We’ve known each other since freshman year, and we’ve all been through quite a lot together. And through those experiences, I think we’ve grown pretty fearless – see me for stories later – but no matter how fearless we may seem at times, there’s one thing that I think still… gives us pause. Yeah, marriage – we’re all scared of it! “Oh my gosh, are we really that age now?” It’s a shock to the system! 

          But Ernie… has been different. He’s been totally fearless, completely confident about this whole amazing, almost bigger-than-life thing. But what really makes the difference is that whenever he’s talked about this day, about Eva, about how they see their life together, he gets this smile on his face. And we can see in that smile alone that this is right, this is great, this is exactly what should happen. And we smile right back, because we know it too – and I’m smiling right now, because here it is, happening! 

         It’s true – I can’t imagine a couple more ready, more right for this blessing. And I couldn’t ever have imagined a bride more perfect for Ernie – thank you, Eva, for bringing him and all of us such happiness. 

          And Ernie – thanks for blazing the trail for the rest of us. You’ve shown us that there’s nothing to fear – just something amazing that we should all be so lucky to someday share. 

          And now, if you would all raise your glasses for a toast to the bride and groom… 
To Ernie and Eva, who have so greatly enriched all of our lives, may you do the same for each other for all your days ahead.